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Construction Overview

~Composite & Laminate~

Cay Sal has partnered with VectorPly to develop a lamination schedule that accommodates ample horsepower, speeds and displacement.


The hull and all major components are constructed with Gel-coat, Vinylester resin, Fiberglass and Synthetic coring materials of various thickness and densities.

To maximize quality control efforts, the hull construction will be a hybrid of hand-laid outer laminate, vacuum-bagged coring and infused inner laminate. This is the most reliable, consistent and repeatable construction technique that gives full visibility to the various layers of the structure and ensures our customers get a rock-solid platform that is suited for the offshore environment and will last a lifetime. 

~Rigging & Electrical~

We are developing a custom rigging arrangement that is new to the industry. The Cay Sal style of marine rigging is born largely from our experience constructing power plants.  We feel it is an absolute requirement for reliability, longevity and serviceability. In short, rigging tubes, conduits, wire vaults and electrical chases will be at the core of our rigging organization. This will add protection to the components, it will improve serviceability, it will reduce manufacturing labor and it will make it very easy for owners to customize their boat on their own.

Our core electrical system and main switch panel will be sized for ALL options and electrical loads that Cay Sal offers. Of course, most customers will not chose all options but the electrical infrastructure will be in place if they chose to add a component and wiring at a later date. (We will leave you some extra pulls.)

Let's cut right to the chase.  We do not like, nor recommend coated aluminum. Aluminum needs to breath. If it cannot breathe, it will blister. Uncoated aluminum will last and look great for 20 or 30 years if maintained. Maybe longer.  Coated aluminum will blister sooner and more frequently than you want.  That is a promise. As a semi-custom builder, we are open to the discussion if the customer truly wants coated aluminum but we will advise against it. Our goal is to give our advise, set expectations and let the customer decide. 

Our recommendation would be anodized aluminum or 316L stainless steel for all exposed metals on the boat.  Both structural and/or cosmetic.

Furthermore, to minimize the amount of structural metal on our boats, our topside components such as the console, seating and rigging station will be composite reinforced with high-density coring and heavier laminations in structural bearing locations. 

~Structural Metal~

What is a third party component? Engines, electronics, hardware, refrigeration, electrical, etc... 

We have our favorites, of course, but we can install any engine or electronics manufacturer on a Cay Sal.  Customers choice.  We will advise on the pros and cons of each package and let the customer decide. As long as it literally fits within the specs of our engineering. 


By and large and staying true to the semi-custom format, if a third-party component is requested by a customer we will do everything we can to get it on the boat.  Shade systems, kitchen items, refrigeration, etc...  The design of our tooling and topside furniture specifically takes 3rd party items into account.  Our tooling leaves broad flat surfaces that make it easy to mount components. IS there a certain product you'd like to see on your boat?  Let us know! Again, we will give our advice on a requested product, set expectations and let the customer decide. 

~3rd Party Components~

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