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Principle of Function

"Principle of Function (tm)" is a manufacturing concept coined by Cay Sal Boatworks.  It simply means that "function" is the guiding principle when manufacturing our boats.  The boat and the components are expected to function in the most optimal way possible. Function today.  Function tomorrow. Function decades from now. all design and installation decisions of a Cay Sal Boat are based off this simple but powerful principle. What component is it?  Where will it go? What is it made of? is it serviceable?

Our "Principle of Function (TM)" is how manufacturing decisions are made at Cay Sal. 

When visiting our facility, feel free to ask any of our craftsman or employees what our manufacturing principle is.  They will know. If they don't, you get a free Cay Sal shirt! 


Cay Sal builds boats that are designed by boaters.  When a boater finds the precious time to use the boat, they want the boat to operate comfortably and correctly.  When it's time to change or maintain a component, the maintenance should be as simple as possible. Throughout a Cay Sal Boat, you will find dozens upon dozens of small details that positively affect the quality of your salt life. We are not box-checkers.  Everything is built and/or installed with the "Principle of Function".

  • Have you ever owned a boat where even Wilt "The Stilt" Chamberlain couldn't reach a sea cock? We have.  There will be none of that on a Cay Sal.  All valves are easily accessible. 

  • Have you ever flipped the switch to a macerator, forgot about it and burned the damn thing up?  We have. More than once. We also have a solution.  All macerator switches will have a timed shut-off.  Problem solved.

  • Did you ever get a steel hog ring from an ice bag in your macerator and burn the damn thing up?  We have.  We don't have a solution for that though.... but we will make replacement easy with quick-connect electrical and quick connect plumbing connections that are mounted in a location that a middle-aged, over-weight captain can get to (not you, me).  That job is now 10 pain-free minutes in lieu of 30 minutes of ample cursing and a slipped disc.

  • We are proud of our stand-up head. We are also proud to say that the toilet is a full-size elongated toilet. Not a round or compact toilet designed for the Lollipop Guild. A full-size marine-grade toilet.

  • Would you like to have all your fuel filters and fuel valves in one place?  Us too!! All our fuel filters are in one location.  When its maintenance time, get your tools, step into the massive bilge area and get your work done in one place. 

  • Do you want the option for your engines to pull fuel from any tank at all without the added moving parts of a transfer pump?  We got you covered.  Our fuel manifold systems can run 4 engines off of one tank, or two, or 3, or any combination.  Don't worry about the hassle of another pump or the hassle of not being able to access fuel in any of your tanks when you are 150 miles from the dock.

  • What about those annoying crevices between the windshield and the lip of console?  The ones that attract hooks and swivels that become forever stuck on your dash until they eventually rust (stain) away?  Not on a Cay Sal...

These are only a few small details that come from our "Principle of Function (TM)".  We are very experienced boaters. We aim to make life easy and our experience is worked into all aspects of Cay Sal Boats. 

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