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Cay Sal Boatworks

"Offshore Comfort"

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Build your Cay Sal 41

The 3D visualization tool below, will help you create a vision of your dream boat. You can choose 1 of 3 bow configurations, a Pilot House (PH) or Center Console (CC), Numerous Engine Packages (and colors), a Sportfish Style 2nd Station, Hull Color, Piping Color, Upholstery Color and Cockpit Accessories.  You can also get a view of the interior space of the Forward Cuddy or the Queen Stateroom option.

We are showcasing a number of major options but please keep in mind that all dash components, tackle organizers, accessories and seating arrangements are fully customizable. For example, the model shows 3 rows of seating for both the PH and the CC with the 3rd row being mezzanine seating with a tackle station or summer kitchen underneath. However, you can opt for 2 rows. Seating can be single seats or bench seats with fold-down armrests.  Helm can be center or offset. The PH can have a walk-thru center with interior side lounge/ bench seats.  The Pilot House can be built out with a custom settee and a removable table for additional air-conditioned sleeping quarters. Your imagination is the only limitation. 


Use the "Login" link to register and save your build options.  Feel free to contact us and we will help you with your vision and pricing!


Too Zoom - Use your scroll wheel in or out (mobile: pinch or expand fingers)

To Orbit - Left click Hold and Drag (Mobile: Single finger hold and drag)

To Pan - Right Click Hold and Drag (Mobile: Two Fingers Hold and Drag)

Toggle Between Options or Colors: Use yellow dots and chose option. Click the dot to exit the option.

Note: The 3D models are general in nature.  Expect some small variations in geometry between these models and your final product.

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