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Cay Sal Boatworks

"Offshore Comfort"

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About Us...

My offering to both the Cay Sal Boatworks team, as well as our customers, is strong entrepreneurial skills backed with fishing, diving and industrial construction experience.  From commercial fishing to building power plants, I have a wide range of experiences that have added to my skill set. 40+ years of recreational and commercial diving/fishing coupled with 23 years of intense industrial construction experience (22 with one company).  I attended FAU and USF for a total of 5 years pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree before I paused that endeavor to focus on an opportunity that took me from a part time intern to Vice President of a $90+MM company. I hold an active FL Contractors License and executive responsibility with an industrial construction firm. I have not "yet" returned to my academic studies but the knowledge I gained during college years (both academic and extracurricular) is what got me where I am today.  I struggle to find regret in this choice.  I am a maker at heart and always have been (i.e. Mechanical Engineering). Whether it be widgets, lures, phone applications, grills, kitchens, power plants.... or boats, I get great reward out of making things. Especially things that make life easier, better or simply more enjoyable.  When I had the opportunity to make something that is a platform for my lifelong passion of boating, I simply could not turn it down. I certainly have experience with many materials, components and skills associated with boat-building but I do not lay claim to the honorable title of a boat-building craftsman. I will leave that to the true artisanal professionals of the team and support them in any way possible to keep Cay Sal a viable manufacturer of incredible boats for decades to come. 


As the owner of Cay Sal Boatworks, I am involved in all high-level aspects of the business. From design guidance to quality management to strategic planning as well as supplementing customer service when my involvement adds value. Although I am quite connected to the day-to-day operations, I hold an executive position with the construction firm.  I have decades of tenure with this firm and we have a deep mutual respect for each other. I intend to maintain my loyalty with the firm and carry on my executive responsibilities.  I will also be actively supporting Todd Foucher (Operations Manager) and Cay Sal Boatworks as we execute our mission of providing high quality, offshore fishing vessels that meet our standards as well as those of our valued customers.

Nick Haddon, Owner

Nick Haddon - Owner Cal Sal

Todd Foucher, Operations Manager

Hi my name is Todd Foucher and I am the operations manager for Cay Sal Boatworks.  I am an avid fisherman that has been fishing the Tampa Bay waters for 35 years.  Being around boats for almost that amount of time and actually being part of the operations of a custom bay boat company, I feel I can give that little bit of an extra "touch" to help laying out what could possibly be the best catamaran boat on the market!  Overlooking the build and layout of each boat in the past helps me have an understanding of the customers wants and needs while laying out their dream boat.  This will be the upmost importance along with building a superior boat.  We want our customers to experience the "Cay Sal" experience and be a part of our growing boating family!  We look forward to helping you achieve the ultimate boat ownership experience!

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