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"Offshore Comfort"

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The Cay Sal 33 model is a true planing hull catamaran.   As such, the design merges the best attributes of catamaran performance while retaining some familiar performance characteristics of a mono hull.   For mono hull similarity, the 33 lightly leans into soft turns and aggressively leans into hard turns.  There is NO bow-steer that is commonly seen in many catamarans.  In short, you get amazing cat performance while carrying a beam equivalent to a much larger fishing boat.  You get the speed of a mono hull with the economy of a catamaran.  An operating (trimmed) 18" draft allows you to get into areas shallower than most boats in its class, mono or cat.  The Cay Sal 33 is an incredible collection of positive performance characteristics while minimizing the negatives.

As a semi-custom builder, we do not have a standard model.  Each build is tailored specifically to the customer. The power, the electronics package, the rod holder quantity, etc...  

If you are looking for a day boat out of Palm Beach with short runs to fish sailfish off the bow, we can build you a short-range twin engine setup with an open bow, 2nd station, forward baitwell and forward leaning post(s).  If you prefer a long-range tournament weekender to fish oil rigs in the northern Gulf Coast, we can assemble a quad engine setup hauling 600 gallons of fuel, ample water, 1kqt ice storage (or more), refrigerated fish boxes, recirculating baitwells and air-conditioned sleeping quarters for 8.  And, of course, any imaginable setup in between.

We offer all major brand electronics and engine manufacturers as well as any hardware supplier that best suits the customer's request (i.e. Pompanette, Bomar, Gemlux, Taco, Release, etc...).

This versatility is one of but many advantages we can offer as a semi-custom builder. 


~33 Center Console (CC)~



Approx. Weight:



Fuel Capacity: 

Water Capacity: 



12,500lbs (Dry  Weight)

600HP to 1,200HP

18" (Trimmed/Operational)

Custom (400 gal - 600 gal)


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