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~33Pilot House (PH)~

With the 33' x 11'-3" wide platform of our 33 models, we are afforded exceptional flexibility on topside layouts and tooling.  From a performance standpoint, the pilot house (PH) is by all accounts the same as our center console (CC) model but with additional comfort benefits of an enclosed pilot house.


the rear-facing 2nd row gives way to spacious cockpit.  The mezzanine height of the 2nd row also gets passengers higher and on level with the forward passengers. This offers more shade, more visibility, more interaction with the rest of the crew.  The removable cushions allow access to a counter height rigging station or summer kitchen underneath.

The interior of the pilot house can be customized to suit the needs of the customer.  Bench seats with fold down armrests (a sleeping option), deluxe bucket seats, pedestal mounted seats with 360 degree rotation, etc...


Once we are above deck, customization becomes very easy.  Our deck/liner tooling is configured in a way where topside storage/furniture customization can be tailored to a customer's vision. 

The PH model comes with the same optional bow configurations as the CC model.  The open bow with the revolutionary split coffin boxes or an air-conditioned berth.

All of the above is another testament to the flexibility and customizability of our platform and tooling. 



Approx. Weight: 



Fuel Capacity:

Water Capacity:



12,500lbs (Dry)

600HP to 1,200HP

18" (Trimmed / Operational)

Custom (400 gal - 600 gal)


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